Nearly thirty artists from all over the world converge in this exhibition. They not only have different cultural backgrounds, what’s more important, their works all have a complete different spiritual dimension.
By gathering this various artworks into one space, a diversification in mentality emerges. Together all this artists make the theme of this show even stronger, more unequivocal, more to the point.
<< Blow up your mind >> is a provocation against the monotonous orientation of values nowadays and the fatigued and weak ideology of the consumer culture of today.
It is also a kind of cultural attitude : in this period of global recession, the world needs to be stimulated and guided by cultural and creative impulses.
Last but not least, it is an experimental way to create a selective fusion. This as an opposition to the process of conformity of all the cultural and ideological differences under the impact of the expanding globalization.
Nowadays, we are on a path of infinite possibilities, accelerating in an unprecedented way, the exploration of all kinds of new wonders.
We see more and more but, we have less and less independent thoughts. This “ world of universal harmony ”provides us with more choices, but our field of vision becomes narrower.
We all consume more and more, but we are hardly aware if we really enjoy it that much.
Through consumerism, the whole world is being intoxicated with a promise of happiness.
The exhibition selected and invited nearly thirty artists from all over the world and the apposition of their ideologies is an attempt to « BLOW UP YOUR MIND ».
Curators: Diao Qingchun, Luo Tuo, Daniel Moussier

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