TV œuf

An image transmutation. Electro-digital process creation.

In the space, the black holes absorb any matter, in our houses the TV screen, when we switch off it, absorbs the false sensation of life that it breathes into our apathetic foyers.

This moment when light, colors, excitement presented on our screens evaporate in the silence of our interiors, signal ordering us to go to sleep to begin again the next day.

0,3 seconds to die, 8 images to turn off in the center of this intensely grey-black screen, a domestic black hole that it is possible to reproduce infinitely (You just have to relight the TV then to switch off it again) but never the same as before. These images I often observed, contemplated, sometimes filmed them.

While TV program infest our imagination, it is in the tool of domestic reception, when this one disconnects from its first utility, that joins my work and that my imagination takes refuge.

It is from these 8 images, during a performance, that I have create the video ” TV œuf “. Video from where I extracted some images at the origin of those presented today.

“TV œuf” sounds like “TV off”; in french “œuf” means “egg”; and so, the death of an image generates the creation of a new image in an electronic twilight.

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