Videos, photography and digital pictures, my relationship to pictures is multidisciplinary. I permanently explore new techniques to treat a picture like a painter in front of his canvas.

A short experience in the movies as a second assistant on a low budget movie and the making of two short movies were enough for me to realize the urge of immediacy, and that only a pair of Ray-Ban, video, its electronical mess and its experimentations could live up to my expectations (oubien could satisfy my expectations)

If one’s interested in video, the most evident medium is television – an exceptional medium that theoretically allows to present everything to everybody.

Since color TV has entered the French living room it has captured my attention as a child. My identification to certain characters could be very strong. Consequently, as an adult, it was with great enthousiasm that I started my career as a video editor of the musical broadcast « Rapido ».

Dealing with professional people and machines changed my approach to rythm and narration. Television often works the opposite way to the cinema. To put it simple, in cinema, the classical scheme is to write the scenario and then to shoot it. In television, it works differently. You choose a topic, a theme, then you film as much as possible, and then, while editing it, you discover the story you really are going to tell. The magic of editing is being able to modify the meaning of a story or a scene, which of course is also true for cinema, but is even more true for television which adapts constantly, faster and faster, sometimes being endangered to graze superficiality.

Wishing to find a certain « reality », I participated at the creation of the show « Buzz Tee Vee », produced by Polygram (Universal). In a similar range than my first and refreshing experiences with « Rapido », « Buzz Tee Vee » was a music show concentrating on intimate performances of the presented artists. A capella, accoustic, studio scenes… Jane Birkin, Sinclair, Mc Solaar, Tricky, Soul Coughing, Suzanne Vega, Yello…, it lasted three years, and the only ambition of our pictures was witnessing without trying to stick out by extravagant presence, as was that time’s trend.

Being an amateur musicien, I got to know the Austrian singer Valerie Sajdik. This allowed me to participate as a writer on the album « Superflu » by the group Saint Privat (Dope Noir), and on the solo album of Valérie called « Picknick » (Sony Bmg). This collaboration also inspired me to create a website, dealing with the interactions between lyrics, picture and sound to produce an informative, yet aesthetic and playful site in Valérie’s spirit.

In parallel to those activities, I pursued experimentations denaturalizing video tools from their evident aims. Certain combinations of parameters pushed to the extreme led to astonishing results, creating loops of abstract pictures… close to painting.

The rise of digital cameras has increased the possibilities, but most important to me was doubtlessly the possibility to work on my own or almost, without any crew to work on hardcore material. Doing simple shots then using software to obtain the desired atmosphere.

My objective is not to tell a story or a fact, nor to deliver a message but to create a picture both to look at and to sense.

Today, I am living in Beijing. Naturally, this surrounding influences my work… But this visual environment doesn’t concern only art aspects, but also people in the streets, specially elegant Chinese women.
As french, I just can’t be insensible about it and decided to create some fashion accessories.




Award winner 16th salon of contemporary collage of Paris France.


Solo Exhibition

2015 Sept “Utopia Song” International Young Center of Art – Tongzhou – Beijing – China

2010 “Femininity” exhibition French Cultural Centers – Beijing, Shanghai, Dalian, Hangzhou – China

July “Ambiguity” exhibition Beijing Hong Art Center 798 – China

2009 Nov “Femininity” exhibition “La Plantation” Beijing – China

Marsh “femme du monde” digital paintings exhibition sponsored by Mauboussin jewelry -Paris France.

2007 “restitution” virtual exhibition of digital paintings


Collective exhibition

2015 sept   Second International Art Festival Nanjing China

2014 oct   First International Art Festival Nanjing China

2013 nov The 8th Art and Culture festival of Songzhuang China

sept “Blow Up Your Mind” collective exhibition – Songzhuang Beijing China

june “Not Strangers” collective exhibition – Songzhuang Beijing China

2012 sept “Mixed Horizons” collective exhibition – Songzhuang Beijing China

sept “Art at Home” collective exhibition – Beijing China

june “French in Songzhuang” collective exhibition – Songzhuang Beijing China

2011 may “Résonances” collective exhibition – Douai France

2010 nov “Résonances” collective exhibition national museum – Wuhan China

june the 6th Culture & Art festival of Songzhuang – Beijing China

2009 marsh /april collective exhibition “La Plantation” Beijing – China



2004 video performance for photograph Christophe Badger exhibition, Gallery Magda Danysz Paris – France

2000 “Millennium” (10 X 1 minute)- realization of modules on television history for the wheel (Champs-Elysées – Paris France) created by Renaud Le Van Kim at new year eve 2000.


Concerts shooting

2006 “Saint Privat” Valerie Sajdik & Klaus Waldeck / dope noir – live in Porgy and Bess – Vienna Austria

2004 “Claude Lawrence Trio” / New Fountain Music – live in “9 billards” – Paris France

1997 “Paul Personne” / universal – live in Olympia – Paris France



2007 “Picnick” making of recording Valerie Sajdik‘s album – Sony/BMG – Austria

1997 “Route 97” documentary about Paul Personne’s french tour – Universal – France

1996 “Paradisiaque” making of recording Mc Solaar‘s album – Universal – France

1996 “la bonne attitude” making of recording Sinclair‘s album – Delabel – France

1995 “Version Jane” making of recording Jane Birkin‘s album – Universal – France

1995 “Autres instantanés” making of recording Paul Personne‘s album – Universal – France


Television shows

1994 – 1997 “Buzz Tee Vee” 26mn Bimonthly – 59 shows – 360 artists – musical show (interview, live shootings, acoustics) Polygram production – Broadcasted on French tv channels Paris Première and MCM – Director.

1985 “RapidoAntoine Decaunes‘s musical show Editor